Work from Home Policy

This report summarises the results from a customised bespoke survey on work from home practices within organisations in New Zealand. The survey was conducted in partnership with Site Safe New Zealand Inc.
The report provides detailed analysis on flexible work arrangements, in particular work-from-home allowances and common policies and practices currently implemented. The reported information will assist organisations when setting up or amending their current work from home policies.
The specific objectives were:
To gain market intelligence on remuneration packages (quantum and components) offered to specified roles in the identified areas, such as:
  • Days allowed to work from home
  • Financial allowances for working from home
  • Equipment provision
To gain information on specific employment policies and practices, such as:
  • Reasons for working from home
  • Benefits of working from home
  • Challenges of working from home
  • Changes considered
The Work from Home Policies Report is available to purchase for non-participants @ $250 +GST.
For more details or to participate contact: 

Information and timing

Data collection: July
Publishing date: October

AnalystDan Punsalan

Participation: open to all
organisations across New Zealand

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