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In the dynamic landscape of corporate governance, achieving a balance between attracting top-tier board talent and maintaining shareholder goodwill is both a challenge and an art. Strategic Pay have a range of services and the expertise you need to create fee structures that are equitable, competitive, and aligned with your company’s strategic objectives.

We understand the imperative for balance – rewarding directors for their pivotal role, while ensuring these rewards align with shareholders’ interests and market standards. This is not just about setting competitive fee levels, it’s also about demonstrating the transparency and fiscal responsibility that today’s stakeholders demand.

Independent Director Fee Reviews

As a respected, independent consultancy, we provide objective, data-driven insights. Our recommendations are made without any bias from internal influences, allowing your organisation to make impartial decisions in determining director fees.

Depending on the level and complexity required, we can use a range of tools available to tailor to your needs and budgets. A key point of difference is our evaluation methodology DirectorRate® . Strategic Pay has developed this tool to assess the relative complexity, risk and scale of an organisation.  This methodology has a number of factors which can be applied to any organisation to provide a means of assessing appropriate director fees. 

We believe that a considered, independent view not only enhances credibility and trust with your shareholders, but also ensures adherence to best practice governance standards, thereby reducing risk and fostering long-term success.

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