Pay Equity

Supporting your organisation in addressing the systemic challenge that is pay inequity


Simply put, pay equity is “the same pay for different work of equal value”. However, the issue is much broader than that, pay inequity is a systemic challenge. Addressing pay equity involves more than understanding pay levels and using job analysis tools. It requires working across a range of areas, including traditional organisation structures, and addressing long embedded attitudes and customs.

Tailored Solutions

Strategic Pay has developed proprietary tools and has the depth of information and expertise to assist organisations to explore and address equity in the workplace.

We frequently work with organisations to help them review and understand their own pay gaps and help to develop action plans to address gaps.

As an independent provider, we are also able to audit pay gap analysis. This can be beneficial for any organisations planning on publicly reporting on pay gaps.

tailored solutions
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Gender and Ethnic Pay Gap Tool

Use our free gender and ethnic pay gap tool to understand diversity in your organisation. This Excel based tool, with an interactive dashboard, provides a good starting point to identify if this is an area of concern within your organisation. We can then assist you to explore further to identify possible contributors to any gender pay gap and work with you to address the underlying issues.

New Zealand Gender Pay Gap Booklet

Our Pay Equity Booklet on Analysing the Gender Pay Gap provides in-depth analysis and insights into the current pay gaps within the New Zealand context and allows organisations to consider how they stack up within their sector or industry.  Download your complimentary copy to help inform decisions and encourage your organisation to take a more active role in reducing their gender pay gap

pay equity booklet

Talk to an expert to find out more

Craig Cameron

Craig Cameron

Consultant, Auckland

Craig Cameron is an experienced remuneration consultant with over 10 years’ experience in some of New Zealand’s leading human resources consultancy firms.
Ivy Mendoza

Ivy Mendoza

Consultant, Wellington

Ivy has over 20 years’ experience in benchmarking, salary structure development, incentive & variable pay design, flexible benefits, job evaluation & performance management.
Evette Brink

Evette Brink

Consultant, Christchurch

Evette 10+ years of experience working with the Public, Private and Not for Profit Sectors, where she has engaged with clients from various industries within New Zealand & South Africa.

Read Strategic Pay’s formal Pay Equity Statement HERE