Job Evaluation

Enabling a greater understanding of internal relativities and transparency in the process of setting remuneration


Job Evaluation, or Job Sizing, enables organisations to understand internal relativities and compare similar sized jobs to the market, even where jobs may be unique or rare in a particular sector or industry. Job Evaluation works well in organisations where there is a need for greater rigour and transparency to their remuneration setting process, and is essential to underpin grading or banding models.

What is Job Evaluation?

Job Evaluation is a systematic process for establishing the relative sizes of jobs by comparing jobs or job content on the basis of common criteria.  It is:

  • A comparative process
  • A structured and analytical process, applied to data collected for this purpose
  • A systematic approach to assessing the relative worth of each job through the application of judgement
  • A job-centred, not person-centred approach
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Job Evaluation Methodologies

A real strength in our offering: we have several approaches when it comes to assessing the relative internal size of jobs in your organisation and providing a defensible base when it comes to reviewing market pay.

Built for the New Zealand market, our methodologies include cultural competence and Te Ao Māori principals.

SP10®our ten factor job evaluation methodology

SP5® – our proprietary five factor job evaluation methodology

JobWise® – our job mapping framework designed around career pathways

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