PayCalculator, a Rem On-Demand feature

PayCalculator is designed to help you make informed decisions and streamline your salary review
process, saving you both time and money. At the touch of a button or two it allows you to compare the latest remuneration market values from multiple Strategic Pay survey reports you have purchased.

Why use PayCalculator?

PayCalculator is a sophisticated yet simple-to-use cloud based tool available as an add-on within the Rem On-Demand platform. Strategic Pay’s Rem On-Demand is a salary benchmarking portal for clients that provides instant access to comprehensive coverage of Strategic Pay’s reward, benefit, HR policies and metrics products.

The tool was designed with HR Managers and their teams in mind. It will:
· streamline their workload
· drive efficiency when it comes to:
          - salary review periods
          - recruitment
          - general reward benchmarking
          - understanding how competitive your organisation is in the market

What does PayCalculator do?

PayCalculator allows you to quickly extract data at a customisable level as well as compare
information from multiple Strategic Pay online reports in real time. The remuneration data can be cross
referenced at different points depending on your requirements.

Using PayCalculator is a simple 3-step process:
1. select your benchmark survey reports
2. select the market comparison you wish to view
3. choose your display options to dynamically change the information displayed
· view on screen, save to PDF and export to Excel for use in your organisation
· save your search criteria for future use

How do I get PayCalculator?

PayCalculator is exclusively available through Rem On-Demand. Activate the PayCalculator for an
annual fee of $770 by simply sending us an email

Whether you’re recruiting, conducting wage and salary reviews, resolving pay disputes or
setting remuneration policy, Rem On-Demand has the information you need, accessible online,
anyplace, anytime.

For more information on PayCalculator see the FAQs

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