The 2023 Construction Remuneration Report is now available!

We’re pleased to announce that our 2023 Construction Remuneration Report is now available.

The published survey contains detailed data from 43,258 individual employees from a total of 161 participating organisations. In addition to comprehensive remuneration data by job, the survey report includes analysis and trends such as:

• Market Movements

• Salary increases and forecast trends

• Employment policies and practices

• Market commentary

• Benefits

• KiwiSaver

• Bonuses

• Tenure

• Gender split

Some of the key insights:

Bonus information has been reported for 9% of all incumbents in this survey. In the past year, 22.3% of Executive Staff received a bonus, compared to 6.6%of General Staff.

73% of organisations pay for one or more non-KiwiSaver benefit. 32% of all incumbents in the sample are recipients of one or more of these benefits.

• Overall, 61% of employees represented in this sample are male.

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