Wine Industry

The Wine Industry Remuneration Survey is conducted by Strategic Pay on behalf of New Zealand Winegrowers. The survey is conducted annually offering detailed remuneration and benefits information.
  • Number of roles: approximately 50+ published roles
  • Staff levels: Vineyard management through to administration roles, inclusive of all Wine Industry roles.
  • Functions
    • Industry specific positions: cellar door and sales staff, viticulture; vineyard roles, winery roles
    • Corporate Services: Finance; HR, marketing and sales
    • Hospitality: Café staff, chefs; wait staff; barista 
* Corporate Services and Hospitality role job pages have been provided from the New Zealand Benchmark 2020 Report
For more details or to participate contact:


Information and timing

Data collection: June
Publishing date: August

AnalystEleanor Cowley

Participation: open to all organisations in the wine industry

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