Cutting Edge Performance Management Research

Most people will tell you that they dislike performance reviews and traditional performance management processes. Thanks to modern technology, do we now have an opportunity to change this? What are the implications for HR and overall business processes if radical changes are made?
In 2015 the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO), with support from WorldatWork, conducted the first, large-scale online survey study of cutting edge performance management practices.
The purpose of the study was to find out if cutting edge practice, defined as ongoing feedback, ratingless reviews and crowdsources feedback, are becoming widespread. Are organisations using these practices, how are they using them and are they effective? These were some of the areas explored, with interesting results.
To read more about the findings from this study you can visit the CEO site HERE >

What about organisations in New Zealand?

We were interested in finding out if New Zealand organisations use these cutting edge approaches when it comes to performance development, and asked organisations to complete the survey and then compared the responses to the results from North America. 
You can view the high-level findings HERE >
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