An accountability is the responsibility, ownership and authority for the outcomes, outputs, results which the organisation must achieve in order to be successful.

Putting Into Action

Once you're clear on what your organisation's future success looks like, how are you going to get there?The next part of the PLUS+ process addresses the structural design requirements needed to achieve success.


Accountability Identification

What's needed to deliver future success?

Specific functions are needed to achieve your organisational goals. To identify these you must first know what accountability is and why its meaningful. 

At this stage of the process our specialists will work with you to pin-point what results, outputs and outcomes your team needs based on your future proofed plan.

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Organisational Modelling

How should we be organised into teams?

Organisations exist to achieve some purpose. This purpose is achieved as a result of the collective actions of the people within the organisation. To maximise success people need to be grouped into teams that drive specific key function or outputs. Organisation modelling is taking required accountabilities and developing some logic for the distribution of those among your organisation's teams or functions.

An organisation model is:
  • a graphical representation of the functions or teams which make up an organisation
  • a statement of purpose for each of those functions
  • a set of rules to guide the behaviours of those functions when interacting with each other internally and with the external stakeholders

Accountability Mapping

Which teams delivers what?

You've built the structure for achieving organisational success, how do you divide up the identified accountabilities to get you there? A complex process, accountability mapping involves the agreeing and recording of how the functions developed interact with each other to ensure the success of your organisation.
These are the things that the Executive Leadership Team will individually or collectively be held accountable for.

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