Krista Kelland

Senior Consultant


Krista Kelland Headshot circle

Krista has extensive experience in job evaluation and market analysis processes, ultimately advising on equitable and affordable outcomes.

Specialising in CEO and Senior Executive job sizing and remuneration reviews, Krista knows the importance of building strong business relationships, both internally and externally.

Since 2016 Krista has been consulting in remuneration and reward. Prior to that she worked in the recruitment industry. She understands job analysis, job design, performance systems and conducting full organisation remuneration reviews.

Krista works across Not for Profit, Private Sector and Public Sector organisations. You’re in good hands with Krista applying her industry knowledge to develop remuneration and performance structures suited to your organisation.

Outside of work Krista can be found keeping fit and spending time with her young family.

Krista has a BCom and PGDipCom with Distinction in Management from the University of Otago.

Speak to Krista about…

  • Organisational remuneration reviews
  • Job evaluation
  • Job analysis
  • Remuneration policy