Ethan David

Associate Consultant


Ethan David Blue Circle

Ethan joined Strategic Pay in June 2022 after spending the previous 3 years working in local government and public sector organisations. In the People & Culture space, he supported managers at all levels with their people needs.

Before making the switch to People & Culture, Ethan worked across a number of different functions and organisations within the FMCG industry and has honed a pragmatic solutions-based approach to problem solving over this 10-year period.

Ethan loves business in general, especially anything technology and strategy related, and works hard to understand the unique context of each organisation he partners with. No organisation operates in a vacuum, and every decision (especially remuneration and reward related) can have an outsized impact on the most important resource at an organisation’s disposal; their people.

Speak to Ethan about…

  • Remuneration strategy
  • JobWise
  • RemWise
  • Job evaluation
  • SP5 & SP10