The March 2023 New Zealand Remuneration Report is now published!

We’re pleased to announce the publication of the March 2023 New Zealand Remuneration Report.

This report contains detailed data from 202,194 individual employees from a total of 633 participating organisations: 72% from the private sector, 27% from the public sector and 1% not for profit organisations. It contains comprehensive remuneration information by Job Size (Grades and SP10 points) as well as by analysis of sector, region and function.

Some insights found in the report include:

  • 60% of employees are reported to belong to KiwiSaver, and 10% of employees belong to another superannuation scheme
  • The average forecast increase in payroll anticipated by respondents is 5.1% in the Private Sector and 4.8% in the Public Sector.
  • 15% of top executives (defined as job sized between 1200-1600 SP10 points) received a bonus of 27% of base salary on average.

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