The 2022 New Zealand Museum Sector Remuneration Report is now published!

We’re pleased to announce the publication of the 2022 New Zealand Museum Sector Report!

The published survey contains comprehensive remuneration information by Job Size (Grades and SP10 points) and by Benchmark Job analysis for 35 key benchmarks in the following functional areas:

  • Management
  • Museum Roles
  • Facilities Support
  • Marketing / Events
  • Hospitality*

*Hospitality benchmark job pages have been provided from Strategic Pay’s New Zealand Benchmark Remuneration Report 2022.

Some insights found in the report include:

  • Voluntary turnover of employees in participating organisations has increased from 12% last year to 23.3% this year
  • 78% of staff receive KiwiSaver employer contributions
  • The median salary increase reported by organisations over the past year was 2% for senior management and 2.5% for general staff.
  • Organisations indicate that two important factors in determining increases, particularly at the general staff level are Affordability (73%) and CPI (64%).
  • The most common annual leave entitlement for both senior management and general staff continues to be between 20 – 22 working days per annum.
  • Of the organisations surveyed, 45% have employees doing regular shift work and only 18% of organisations pay for standby or on-call allowances.
  • Tenure is the highest in Facilities Support job function, with an average tenure of around 9.9 years

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