Strategic Pay at the WorldatWork 2018 Total Rewards Conference

At Strategic Pay, we work with innovation on a daily basis. Whether around remuneration or performance improvement, it’s our goal to provide the most up-to-date solutions and technology for our clients. And how do we do this? By learning from the best in the business!

In late May, Strategic Pay’s Chief Technology Officer Richard Li and Market Information Manager Santa Harvett attended the WorldatWork 2018 Total Rewards Conference in Dallas. We share some of Richard’s main insights.

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Strategic Pay at the WorldatWork 2018 Total Rewards Conference 1

An Event Not to Be Missed

The WorldatWork 2018 Total Rewards Conference is one of the world’s leading events around how to engage and reward employees. Attended by more than 1,200 people and including over 100 separate sessions, the three-day event is the ideal platform for the latest innovative ideas and concepts.

For Strategic Pay, these events help to drive our own innovation forward, inspiring our team to do better.

How Technology is Helping a New Business Future

Richard explains that the majority of the sessions he attended focused around the topic of how technology can help businesses become more successful in the future. He noted the ‘AI in Comp Technology: Smart Tech Empowering Smart People’ as a particular highlight, mentioning the ideas presented by’s Christopher Knize and Andy Linn were aligned with the thinking of Strategic Pay.

Data management was another popular topic area for Richard, in particular, attending a session called ‘Crowdsourced Compensation Data: Do We Trust It?’ led by Cornerstone onDemand’s Jeremy Spake.

“It’s not good enough anymore to just have the data, as it can be used in so many functions including automation and machine learning,” Richard said.

The Changing Face of the Global Workforce

The Conference also had a number of sessions around how technology is affecting our behaviour at work and at home. Attending the ‘AI, Automation and Machine Learning: The Digital Future of Rewards’ session hosted by National Security Agency’s Chris Dobyns and Angela Hubbe, Richard said that it’s important to consider how employees will use technology, not just those at a higher level.

“As the new generation of employees enter the market, there’s an interesting perspective on how technology will impact how productive people are and how they complete simple tasks,” he said.

The closing session always leaves attendees with some key takeaways and this conference was no different. Start-up author Ben Casnocha spoke around the topic of thinking and acting like an entrepreneur. 

“Ben explained that everyone should act as their own chief executive. Even if you’re working in IT or remuneration, everyone ought to have a high level of thinking of how to do their job better,” Richard said. “I enjoyed how he encouraged us to challenge the status quo and always work to be better.”

All in all, a fantastic conference!

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