Remuneration Survey Report: NZ Benchmark Report for 2021 is now published!

The Market Information team is pleased to announce the publication of the 2021 NZ Benchmark Report.

This Report consists of data gathered from from 584 organisations for over 188,306 employees across the nation. 

Some insights found in the report include:

  • Health, Customer services, administration support, information management, human resources and accounting are functions dominated by female employees.
  • Manufacturing Operations presents the highest tenure by job function with an average of around 13.6 years whereas Marketing and Communications presents the lowest tenure with an average of around 5.6 years
  • Only 42% of the workforce at the Middle Management level are female
  • 72% of employees are provided with 20 days’ annual leave. Those at management, and executive staff levels are more likely to receive more than the statutory minimum annual leave

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