Remuneration Survey Report: 2021 Central Government Remuneration Report is now published!

The Market Information team is pleased to announce the publication of the 2021 Central Government Remuneration Report.

It outlines remuneration data from 34,175 incumbents from 32 different organisations with comprehensive remuneration information for over 190 benchmark roles.

Some insights found in the report include:

  • 88% of Central Government staff surveyed receive one or more benefits in addition to base salary (i.e., 75% of employees receive KiwiSaver)
  • Incumbents in information management roles tend to stay the longest within the same organisations at an average of 12.3 years, while those in customer service and call centre stay the least at an average of 5.4 years
  • Job functions with the widest gender gap are in administration and human resources
  • Performance bonuses are received by 1.2% of top executives and less than 0.5% of general staff

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