Pay Equity: Analysing the Gender Pay Gap in New Zealand

Our analysis shows that there is an overall gender pay gap of 17.7% in New Zealand! More than ever before, it is imperative that organisations examine the gender pay gap within their organisation. From our experience there are several broader human resources and employment practices that employers need to investigate and address if they really want to close the gender pay gap in the longer term.

Strategic Pay are pleased to announce that our complimentary Pay Equity Booklet on Analysing the Gender Pay Gap is now published! Through in-depth analysis, we aim to give some insights into the current pay gaps within the New Zealand context and allow organisations to consider how they stack up within their sector or industry. Our findings can help inform decisions and encourage organisations to take a more active role in reducing their gender pay gap. 

Pay Equity 15
Pay Equity: Analysing the Gender Pay Gap in New Zealand 1
Closing the gender pay gap will not be fixed by short term measures only and employers will need to accept that they are in this for the long haul. We hope our booklet will help organisations to take the first step in the process. To paraphrase an old saying, the journey begins with the first step.

What next? We can help you in a number of ways to understand the pay gap or to take steps to close. You can purchase more in-depth anaylsis on the gender pay gap for your sector or industry here or discuss with us a confidential organisation report which will allow to see how your organisation’s gap compares to your sector/industry and against the wider market. Strategic Pay has the depth of information and expertise to assist your to explore and takes steps to address pay inequity in the workplace.

If you would like to discuss how Strategic Pay can support you to address Gender and Pay Equity in your organisation, please get in touch with one of our local consultants.

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