Pay at the Top Booklet for 2020 is now published!

Strategic Pay are pleased to announce that our complimentary Pay at the Top Booklet for 2020 is now published! Through in-depth analysis, we cover current trends and practices relating to the payment of Chief and Senior Executives and Director Fee Levels across New Zealand.

The booklet showcases the change in forecasted remuneration increases for the next 12 months for CEO and Senior Executives as the pandemic unfolded.

We draw our results from the following Remuneration Reports which are all available for purchase:

• CEO and Senior Executive Remuneration Report 2020
• Long Term Incentives Analysis Report 2020
• Directors Fees’ Report 2020

Some insights found in the booklet include:

  • 30% of Chief Executives were paid a bonus, at an average 28% of their base salary
  • 86% of organisations offer some form of short-term incentives (STI) other than commission or bonus to their CEO
  • Tenure for senior executives is lowest in the not for profit sector, where 59% of senior executives have a tenure of 5 years or less
  • The overall average fixed remuneration movement for senior executives from 2019 to 2020 was 1.6%
  • The fixed remuneration median market movement from 2019 to 2020 for the total sample of chief executives was 2.2%

Download our FREE Pay at the Top Booklet HERE, or contact us to purchase a report or individual pages from the report.

What next? Need assistance with Remuneration Reviews of you CEO and Senior Executive Team? Need insight into how to set your Director Fee levels? Our Consultants are well equipped to support you with Executive level remuneration decisions and policies. We have a wide range of solutions to match your unique situation.

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