Our latest Pay at the Top Booklet is now published!

We’re pleased to announce that our latest complimentary Pay at the Top Booklet is now published! Through in-depth analysis, we cover current trends and practices relating to the payment of Chief and Senior Executives Levels across New Zealand.

Some insights found in the booklet include:

  • Extra leave is a common benefit for CEO and Senior Executive roles. 27% of CEO’s and 43% of Senior Executives receive additional leave, a slight increase on last year’s figures.
  • For Chief Executives, the most common age group by a large margin is 51-60 years, while CEOs in the 30–40 year age are at 8%. Senior Executives are most commonly found in the 41-50 year age group at 32.5%.
  • Health insurance has increased as a benefit offering in the Local Government Sector with close to 12% of Local Government CEO’s reporting this as a benefit in 2023 (up from 9% in 2022).
  • CEO Tenure remains in the 5 years and under range with 59% overall, while Senior Executives sits at 66%.

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