New Zealand Pandemic Business Response Survey 5 Results are now available!

The Market Information team is pleased to announce the publication of the New Zealand Pandemic Business Response Pulse Survey 5 Results which outline how Businesses are dealing with the Impact of the Crisis on Working Placement.

Strategic Pay Chief Executive Officer, John McGill, says that this information is particularly important for businesses at this uncertain time to support decision making and understand broader market practice.

“Our world has changed is the clear message from these latest survey results as many organisations will keep WFH measures in place if we go to Level 2. As one month stretches into two months and perhaps longer a number of the measures put in place have become the “new normal”. The implications for permanent workplace change now starts to become possible as not only the supporting framework for distance working is in place but more importantly it has become an accepted integral part of our way of doing business. Pretty dramatic change after only six weeks.”

Some key findings include: 

  • Overall, 43% of responding organisations will only have key staff return to the workplace under Level 2
  • 32% will have all staff back in workplace but with social distancing measures
  • 22% will have all staff back in workplace but with a roster system
  • 4% will continue having staff work from home on more permanent basis
  • 42% of responding organisations indicated that they are not planning on applying different salary increases for staff based on whether they are on a CEA vs IEA
  • 33% of responding organisations noted that working during lockdown vs not will have no impact on increases applied as a result of the salary review
  • 16% are still considering their approach to increases this year
  • 65% are unsure at this time on whether they would make tax free reimbursements to staff for working from home

To find out more, download an overview HERE, or contact us.

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