Article: Our approach to effectively managing rewards communication

At Strategic Pay a big part of what we do is work with organisations to develop and implement changes to their remuneration structure.

Communication is a key step in such a change process. However, experience suggests that communication doesn’t always take priority.  We suggest it should – and here’s why.

Why is communication important?

Communication is important to build understanding and acceptance. An organisation may not want to take the step of moving to full transparency, for example, when regarding change. And there can be good reasons not to. However, it will almost certainly be necessary to communicate to a greater or lesser degree with employees on the design and the effect the change will have on them individually. 

What is good communication?

Good communication requires communication skills. It needs to account for different communication needs.  It needs to be sensitive to different responses to change. Good communication requires a good understanding of the subject matter.

Managers and HR have a key role in communicating change. Who delivers the message is important. Leaders in particular must be seen to own remuneration structure changes.

Strategic Pay’s approach

At Strategic Pay, we recommend that a communication plan is developed at the outset of such a project including; identifying the key groups and/or stakeholders to be involved, identifying the key messages to be communicated and the key times that information will be shared.

Remuneration and reward is a specialty subject. There are a number of ways we can assist to up-skill you and your team in understanding remuneration and reward.

In addition to reward consulting, our public and in-house training courses are a great way to build the internal remuneration capability you require to support your wider HR function. They are intended for HR professionals, senior managers and business owners.

Tools you can use

We have recently made two training courses available as Communication Series. A Communication Series is a number of different power point modules on various related sub-topics. They are intended for you to use in your own place of work. The Communication Series are

+ Understanding remuneration and reward (7 modules)

+ Getting the most out of your annual review (6 modules)

What is the value of the Communication Series?

The beauty of this module structure is that it can be tailored to suit your needs. The modules can be used individually, in combination and/or adapted. By following a diligent process of setting objectives, determining the target audience and laying out the key messages, you can choose which topic (or combination of topics) that can prepare you the best.

If you would like to find out more about Strategic Pay’s approach to reward communication or the specific modules we offer, get in touch today.

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