​Article: Are you paying comparatively?

Answering the tough questions
In truth, there’s no simple answer in these sorts of situations, but it would be nice to have a starting point right?

For example, what is the value of this role in my context?

The Strategic Pay New Zealand Benchmark Survey publishes data on around 440 unique roles in 19 functional areas from Administration to Customer Services, Manufacturing to Property, Sales to Engineering and so on. It draws on data from 160,000 employees in New Zealand, easily the largest database of remuneration information in New Zealand.

Since job titles alone can be misleading, each role is presented with a short description and an indicative job size to help interpret if the roles being compared match. Once you’ve identified which role best matches your position, you have options of data from the Private Sector, the Public Sector or the combination of those i.e. the General Market.

Depending on sample sizes, you may also have regional data, data relating to organisation size, to organisation type, as well as the types of benefits that are typically paid to such roles.

So, whether you’re setting pay for a new position or about to have a discussion with a staff member, wouldn’t you want to know what the market suggests is the pay-rate for this job in your context?

Get the information you need today
The options for clients to obtain this data are varied and tailored to their needs. If you want to purchase the full report either in hard copy or with online access, you can.

If you prefer to purchase only a particular set of functional data, you can. And if you choose to purchase only one page with data for only one job, you can do that too.

Simply go to the link below for the Survey report overview or contact our Market Information Team today.

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