Article: 5 clever ways to motivate your employees

These past couple of years have been tough for businesses across the world. With recruiting technology being more advanced than ever, it’s now fairly easy to hire the best of the best – but keep in mind that also means it’s just as simple for other companies to steal that talent from you. A big help in managing this problem comes down to your company culture, and even more specifically, how you reward your employees for a job well done. This is the key to happy employees, and happy employees are the key to a successful business. 

It’s a cardinal rule that most business managers understand: You need to give employees a pat on the back for good work every now and then. Everyone has gotten the ‘great job’ email, smiled and then logged that lovely sentiment away without missing a beat of work. It’s nice, but it doesn’t really go above and beyond, nor does it say enough to make your employees want to stick around when there’s a better offer on the table.

It’s nice to be recognised, but because of this global retainment issue, you have to think outside the box a little bit. This means not defaulting to your ‘good work’ email as a means of rewarding your employees. Note, however, that you need to be selective about rewarding your employees. The trick is to challenge each other to bring the best to work every single day.

These days, that email just won’t cut it, you need to do something a little extra to make your employees feel valued. That being said, check out these five creative ways to reward and motivate your employees for a job well done.

1. Personalised work items

A good manager will know a couple personal details about their team. For example, if one of your teammates is constantly sending you all videos of cats, perhaps something like a cat calendar is a fun gift. Not only does this strike a personal note, but it also works for you professionally as well.

2. A wall of fame

At the end of every month, some teams celebrate the accomplishments of what their peers achieved that month. A manager can look at whatever it is you use to measure success and see who did the best. Then, that person can either get their name on a wall, or keep some type of trophy at their desk. They’ll have fun and work hard at trying to playfully beat each other. 

3. Cold hard cash

Sometimes, money really is a good motivator! If you don’t want to wait until bonus season to dole out rewards, you can always give your employees gift cards to their favourite establishment. This is another great way to get personal with your team. Gift cards to restaurants for foodies, or clothing stores for the shopaholic make great touches. 

4. Write thank you notes by hand

Admit it, you’d rather receive a handwritten thank you note as opposed to that quick, two-word email, wouldn’t you? You always have to appreciate when someone has taken the time to pick out the stationery, sit down with some pen and paper and write you a little note. That really says, “I value you as an employee.” 

5. Provide a place to unwind

The gift of a recreation centre can be seen as a gesture that encourages work-life balance, even if that’s just a small corner filled with beanbag chairs that’s meant to be a place to rest for a moment. This space is a constant reminder and reward for a job well done. Your employees have worked hard, so now you’re doing them a favour by supplying them with a space to recharge.

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