SP10® Strategic Pay Ten Factor Job Evaluation Methodology

Get peace of mind with New Zealand’s trusted methodology for evaluating jobs

The Strategic Pay Job Evaluation methodology (the legacy PwC/IBM Job Evaluation methodology) has an extensive following in the public and private sectors, with links to high quality executive remuneration data. It suits a wide range of roles including executive and professional; technical; administrative or production and environments where points differentials are considered important.  It also gives due weight to roles with a requirement for education, experience and strong problem-solving skills.

SP10® Advantages

  • 30 year proven track record in a range of industries across New Zealand
  • Direct points-dollars linkage to Strategic Pay Sector and Industry market data
  • Well suited to the subtleties and nuances of executive and specialist roles
  • Ability to differentiate between substantially similar positions with minor differences in experience, problem-solving and scope
  • Directly underpins JobWise, Strategic Pay’s job mapping technology, allowing for “mapping” roles to broad career pathways, levels and bands

The Factors

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