JobWise®: Strategic Pay's banding framework designed around career pathways 

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Why use JobWise® in your organisation?

JobWise combines the simplicity, transparency and speed of job matching with the underlying logic and rigour of Strategic Pay's points factor job evaluation tools.

JobWise® Advantages

  • The only whole job banding model that contains an analytical job evaluation basis.
  • Provides a simple way of understanding, articulating and quantifying the progression of job size within a career stream or job family.
  • An intuitive and cost effective framework, easily explained to managers and employees alike.
  • Particularly suited to broad-banded pay structures - reducing the need for in-depth points faster analysis.
  • Jobs are assigned to levels that reflect the organisation's culture, structure and contribution criteria.
  • Provides a defensible framework for managing internal as well as external relativities.
  • Job mapping allows integration of remuneration and internal relativity with wider HR initiatives such as succession planning and career development.
  • Can be tailored to the organisation's unique way of doing business.
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