Variable Pay - Incentives

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Incentive Pay is ‘at-risk variable pay’ designed to align employee efforts and reward achievement of the desired results. An Incentive Pan must fit with your organisations strategy, philosophy on pay and internal systems as well as its culture and values. The Incentive Plan should be customised to your organisations requirements for achievement of the right results.

How Strategic Pay can assist:

Strategic Pay is able to assist your organisation in reviewing a current Incentive Plan or help to design and implement an Incentive Plan right for your organisation. Strategic Pay has developed a robust framework which will ensure your Incentive Plan is ‘fit for purpose’ and congruent with the organisations goal and values. Our approach can help you differentiate your organisation from your competitors with an incentive plan that maximises your return, attracts talent and rewards employee high performance.

Incentives Analysis Tool

We are pleased to launch our new incentives litmus test. This complimentary tool is designed to get you thinking more strategically about incentives, check whether your incentives policy is doing what you want it to do and if not, easily highlight areas where it may be falling down.

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If you would like to discuss how Strategic Pay can support you in developing or reviewing an incentive plan in your organisation, please get in touch with one of our local experts.

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