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Facilitating the design of your reward strategy

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What is a reward strategy?

  • Statement of intent that sends a clear signal to all employees regarding what is important and what we value
  • States the principles that drive the remuneration decisions
  • Is supported by a number of policies, e.g. a Total Remuneration policy; a policy to pay to the median of the market, etc
  • These are translated into systems and processes, e.g. a grading or broadbanding system, an annual salary review process, an incentive scheme, a recognition programme

How Strategic Pay can assist:

We have a range of sound audit and assessment tools to assess your current state, as well as a variety of remuneration tools and systems which can be tailored to your needs.
This requires good facilitation skills and knowledge of how businesses work, along with the expertise to link reward strategy to business strategy.  From conducting an audit of your current systems, or performing a 'REMWOF', our consultants have the required skills to work with you to assess your current situation and achieve your desired outcomes.


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