Remuneration Policy and Structure | How jobs are paid

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How do I decide what and how to pay my staff?

As an employer you need to ensure that the right remuneration is paid in the right way to the right employees. Having a structure and policy around this makes your decision making and communication that much easier. We have a range of options to suit every business and every challenge.  

How Strategic Pay can assist:

Our advice and offering in this area is extensive and includes:

  • Pay Structure and Banding Models
  • Linking to Market Pay
  • How Pay is delivered (total remuneration, base pay, use of incentive pay, use of cash and non-cash benefits)
  • KiwiSaver policy (Do we pay on top? Or pay as part of total remuneration?)
  • Incentive and Benefits Design
  • Pay Movements and the Annual Salary Review Process
  • Costing and Modelling
  • Implementation and Communication
We can work alongside you in all these areas, through a combination of working directly with HR or a working party, and engaging with Senior Management Teams and stakeholders.
Whether your requirements are reviewing existing systems and practices or a wholesale review of your remuneration policy and systems - we're here to help.  CONTACT A CONSULTANT NOW >