Executive and Board Remuneration

Our senior consultants understand the sensitivity around Senior Executive and Board remuneration, and just how important it is to get it right.  
We have a wide range of solutions to match your unique situation when it comes to Executive Remuneration and Reward including;
  • Base pay advice,
  • Short, Medium and Long Term Incentive Plans,
  • Directors’ Fees, 
  • Performance Management.
We offer the most appropriate advice to companies on their individual merits, whether they are large or small, public or private sector, headquartered in New Zealand or overseas.  In addition we publish broad, comprehensive, annual remuneration reports on the CEO, Senior Executive and Directors’ remuneration markets in New Zealand and these are all available for purchase throughout the year.  Further abroad, we source relevant comparable International data when required.

How Strategic Pay can assist:

When you need an immediate, impartial and considered view which sits well on the Board table, we can adequately assist. Our methodologies and processes have been used extensively by a large number of New Zealand organisations and stand up to scrutiny when it counts.  Strategic Pay prides itself on being a key adviser to the Boardroom and Executive suite and maintains crucial relationships to ensure the consistency and quality of advice over time. 
For Board and Senior Executive remuneration advice, please contact:
CATHY HENDRY >  Managing Director
DON YOUNG >  Manager Northern Consulting
LYN BRIESEMAN >  Acting Manager Central Consulting
MICHELLE READ >  Manager Southern Consulting

Stay informed: to request a copy of Pay at the Top 2021 booklet click HERE >