Iris Sööt



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Iris joined Strategic Pay in June 2022 as an Associate Consultant. She previously worked as an HR Advisor to one of the largest providers of early childhood education in New Zealand, where in addition to day-to-day HR work, she developed her skills around pay parity and internal pay relativity.

Prior to moving to New Zealand, she worked as a translator between developers and clients in the health care industry. In this role, Iris ensured that client needs were heard, and the best solutions were proposed and delivered.

Iris has a Master of Science degree in Health Care Technology from the Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, making (and eating!) good food and watching movies.

Speak to Iris about…

  • Remuneration strategy
  • JobWise
  • RemWise
  • Job evaluation
  • SP5 & SP10