Understanding Incentives

Gain a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding incentive pay and the best approach to developing an effective incentive scheme. An effective performance development and management process should develop employees’ understanding of what needs to be achieved, help them to improve organisational performance and reward them on the basis of their contribution. Explore the pitfalls of a reward system based on incentive pay and understand a unique and robust framework to go away and develop and manage your own incentive scheme to encourage increased performance. Gain a clear understanding of the features of variable pay and when and how to use it in your organisation.

Who you should attend

This workshop is aimed at Senior Executives and HR Managers who require a deeper level of understanding of incentive pay and how this can be linked to performance.


$350 + gst per person

Discounted Pricing
  • RemNet members receive 15% discount (for more info on RemNet click here)
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