Understanding Remuneration and Reward

Reward Course Synopsis

web graphics-BK-SP brand-7-138 Gain a solid grounding in the whys and hows of developing remuneration systems to suit your organisation. This course covers why you need a remuneration system, how to develop it, what underpins it and how you can use it to reward performance.

At the end of the course participants will be able to:
  • Understand the difference between remuneration and reward
  • Understand the factors underpinning remuneration systems
  • Choose the right remuneration system for your organisation
  • Differentiate between pay for jobs and pay for people

Who should attend

  • Human Resource managers and practitioners

You'll leave with

A clear picture of how to differentiate remuneration from reward, and an understanding of the remuneration options for your organisation.

Dates and Locations

Keep an eye out for next year's dates.


$350 + gst per person

Discounted Pricing
Attend 2 or more courses and receive a $50 discount per course
Attend all 5 courses and only pay $1,400
RemNet members receive 15% discount (for more info on RemNet click here)

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