Pay Equity Concepts and Approaches

Gain a thorough introduction to pay equity concepts and approaches with a particular focus on gender.
Pay equity means equal pay for equal work regardless of gender, nationality, religion, age or sexual orientation. This also includes equal pay for work that is of equal value where value of work is assessed in terms of skills, knowledge, responsibility, effort and working conditions. Other considerations in setting remuneration can include market factors, productivity and performance. As more emphasis is placed on greater transparency in business and pay, pay equity continues to be of importance to NZ businesses. 

By taking part in our workshop, you will gain a thorough introduction to pay equity concepts and approaches with a particular focus on gender.

The workshop will include:
  • Introduction to Pay Equity: What is it? How might you identify inequality?
  • Case Study: What does gender pay inequity look like? What did one employer do about it? 
  • Discussion/Analysis: What else should we be looking at?
  • What next: What could an organisation do about it?
Who should attend

This workshop is aimed at Human Resource Practitioners and Managers interested in tackling pay equity in the workplace.

Dates and Locations

Whangarei - Wednesday 26th September - 9am-12pm - REGISTER HERE >


$350 + gst per person

Discounted Pricing

Attend 2 or more courses and receive a $50 discount per course
Attend all 5 courses and only pay $1,400
RemNet members receive 15% discount (for more info on RemNet click here)

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