Strategic Pay Academy

Comprehensive, short courses in remuneration, performance management and organisational performance that deliver the essential knowledge you need to maximise your remuneration investment return. 

Pay Equity Concepts and Approaches

Gain a thorough introduction to pay equity concepts and approaches with a particular focus on gender.

Own your Own Business: How much should you pay yourself?

Understanding the relationship between salary, dividends and interest.

Excel for HR Practitioners

HR practitioners responsible for job evaluation, remuneration, market data and payroll require a reasonable level of proficiency in Excel in order to effectively analyse and present remuneration data.

Salary Reviews: The Know How

The Annual Salary Review is an opportunity to demonstrate how your organisation values performance, skills and commitment. 

Setting Pay in a Small Business

A broad introduction to remuneration management in small to medium businesses.

Understanding Incentives

Gain a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding incentive pay and the best approach to developing an effective incentive scheme.

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