Remuneration Report Survey and Market Information

We help employers make informed remuneration decisions

Strategic Pay offers an unrivalled suite of nationwide and specialist industry sector market surveys, based on a database of pay information for over 180,000 New Zealand employees, sourced from more than 1,200 organisations. This rich data source gives our clients access to broad comparative information to effectively benchmark their remuneration and rewards packages.

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Whatever your organisation needs, we can provide the information

Our analysis covers a variety of regions, sectors and industries. Using our comprehensive source of the latest information we publish a range of surveys and we provide customised surveys and bespoke analysis when required. 

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Survey Reports

We publish more than 30 reports annually, providing the clarity our clients need to make informed decisions. Through these publications, we are proud to cater for every business, irrespective of size or sector, profit-driven or not for profit, including those in the South Pacific.

Our survey reports are classified as follows:


Other Data Solutions 

Alongside our published survey report offering we also provide customised research, analytics and specialised information platforms to suit your organisation's needs.

Some of the services we provide in this space include:

  • Commissioned surveys
  • Customised solutions, including survey report extracts and custom data cuts
  • Regression data
We also offer a range of platforms and tools we've developed to enable you to manage rewards and information in your organisation.