Strategic Pay partners with MindTheGap in push for greater pay gap transparency

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We're excited to announce our partnership with MindTheGap, a new initiative campaigning for a more equitable New Zealand through voluntary gender pay gap reporting.

As MindTheGap's reporting partner, we'll support opted-in businesses with the design and implementation of internal pay equity reporting measures. We'll also manage MindTheGap's public registry, which is set to launch in 2022.

What is Pay Equity & why is it important?

Mind the gap
Pay equity is “the same pay for different work of equal value”. However, the issue is much broader than that, pay inequity is a systemic challenge.

Addressing pay equity involves more than understanding pay levels and using job analysis tools. It requires working across a range of areas, including traditional organisation structures, and addressing long embedded attitudes and customs.

Pay and employment equity cannot be achieved for women or men unless the ways gender is affecting employment are identified and addressed.  

Many businesses have objectives to eliminate the gender pay gap altogether within the next few years and it is becoming increasingly important to investigate, understand and report on gender inequity.

There is both a business need and an opportunity to focus on the pay and employment equity in your workplace. 

How can we improve Pay Equity?

There are a number of ways we can help bridge the gender pay gap & improve pay equity:
  1. Read our free 2021 Pay Equity Booklet to get a full understanding on New Zealand's gender pay gap.
  2. Download our free Gender Pay Gap tool to assess if your organisation has a gender pay gap.
  3. Join the movement for a more equitable Aotearoa New Zealand by reporting your Pay Gap with our partner
  4. Connect with one of our expert Pay Equity consultants below to help address any gaps your organisation may have.

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