New Zealand CEO and Senior Executive Remuneration Report

This report is the ideal source of remuneration information for Boards of Directors and global business leaders. From guidance on changes to executive remuneration, long-term incentives and executive benefits the report provides comprehensive remuneration information for all top executives across all sectors and industries.
  • Number of roles: approximately 100 roles
  • Staff levels: All levels of senior management
  • Functions: all top executive roles including:
    +  CEO
    +  Deputy CEO
    +  Country Manager
    +  Top Executives – CEO direct reports, accountable for: corporate services, engineering and technical, environmental, finance and accounting, health, health and safety, human resources, information technology, legal, risk and compliance (corporate affairs), marketing, operations, divisional/business unit management, regional management, policy, property, sales, research and development, strategic planning, supply chain

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Information and timing

Data collection: April
Publishing date: July

Participation: open to all organisations across New Zealand

Analyst: Susan Earle

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