Rem On-Demand

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Whether you’re recruiting, conducting wage and salary reviews, resolving pay disputes or setting remuneration policy, Rem On-Demand® has the information you need, accessible online, anytime, anyplace.
New Zealand’s foremost online remuneration information resource, Rem On-Demand® is supported by Strategic Pay’s database of more than 140,000 individual employee remuneration packages. All components of pay packages (base salary, benefits and performance pay) are represented, as are a comprehensive range of workplace functions.
Access Rem On-Demand® either via a subscription or by purchasing any of our remuneration surveys. 

What does Rem On-Demand offer?

  • Online remuneration resource
  • Access via secure login for all members of your team
  • Topical HR issues
  • Remuneration market data at your fingertips
  • Full survey reports in interactive PDF
  • Data search by survey and role
  • HR Policies and Practices Report (includes salary movements, projections and benefits)
  • Annual Motor Vehicle Cost Update (provides estimates of the annual, comprehensive cost for purchasing and leasing varying types of motor vehicles)
  • Other remuneration related resources 

How to subscribe

Simply email or phone Strategic Pay on 09 303 4045.
All subscribers are required to submit their organisation’s remuneration data to Strategic Pay to access data on Rem On-Demand.
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