Market Information | How jobs are benchmarked

Tapping into the best source of Market Data

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Why benchmark against the external market?

Remuneration market data provides information to benchmark your roles against, whether it be by job size, job match, comparing to the NZ General Market or a Sector/Industry specific to you. It is important to use a consistent set of data from a reliable source, giving you the peace of mind that your reference point is sound over many years. This helps support your remuneration strategy and policies, and provides HR and Senior Management teams with the reassurance they need.

How Strategic Pay can assist:

We are able to align market information from our rich database to your remuneration policy. Strategic Pay offers an unrivalled suite of nationwide and specialist sector market surveys, based on a database of pay information for over 140,000 New Zealand employees. This rich data source gives you access to better and broader comparative information to effectively benchmark your remuneration and reward packages. Our specialist market information team can also conduct commission research on your behalf. 
Our breadth of data is the most comprehensive in New Zealand.