RemWise: Strategic Pay's Remuneration Management Tool

A smart technology tool which:
  • Supports all your remuneration processes
  • Is MS Excel based – easily understood and administered in MS Excel environment
  • Is customisable to suit your organisation
  • Provides detailed analysis of remuneration components, e.g. performance, market data
RemWise® provides for:
  • Convenience - Makes life easier for busy HR departments
  • Validity of data - No need for manual data entry = less error (export/import functions)
  • Salary communication - generates remuneration letters / schedules
  • Decision making – Provides summaries and management data for presentation to management 
RemWise® supports common remuneration review processes in any organisation:
Common rem review process RemWise® support function
Manage Job Size SP5, SP10, Jobwise built in
Manage Market Data Benchmark job families, use market data from multiple sources, easy data submission 
Manage Employee Data Import / export data to payroll, manage different categories of staff in one file
Manage Performance Management Outcomes Clear link between performance and remuneration review 
Provide Management Overview Integrated manager input and review
Costing and Modelling Comprehensive costing of key indicators
Integrate Remuneration Policies Multiple policies in one file, moderation of potential policy changes
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