Whole Systems Change

The essence of Whole Systems Change in PLUS+ is involving the whole system - either all of the people within an organisation, or all of the people with leadership roles within an organisation - in the process of driving performance and change. Whole Systems Change techniques are used as a starting point and throughout the PLUS+ model stages. Our specialists have continued to build on these as they react to various situations within client organisations.
In implementing the PLUS+ model for driving organisational performance, our experience has always been that stronger and more enduring improvements in organisational performance are achieved through the use of these tools. 
We find certain tools helpful at different stages, which can be grouped as follows:

  • tools for diagnosis
  • tools for developing, assessing and selection options
  • tools for obtaining consensus and commitment 

Some of the specific tools we use in the stages of process are set out below.

  • Open Space Technology
  • Appreciative Enquiry
  • Mix and Match Groups 
  • Traffic Light Voting
  • Delegation and Rotation
  • Role Playing
  • Storytelling
  • Differential Likert Ratings

Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology was initially developed by Harrison Owen and has been well-documented. It works best at the beginning of any change process and involves allowing the stakeholder participants to select multiple topics for discussion. The PLUS+ team have hosted OST sessions with 150+ participants and find it a very useful tool for issue identification and idea generation.
Consider running an Open Space Technology session at your next company conference. Speak to a consultant about this HERE >