Setting the Direction

To kick-off the process a clear direction must be set for the organisation. Beginning with vision-setting, followed by a rigorous 7 step process including a current-state evaluation of your organisation, you'll finish this first part of the process with a clear understanding of possible directions and a clear plan of where your success lies.

Vision Setting

What does success look like for your organisation?

The first part in planning the direction for your organisation is vision setting. Before your organisation can move forward you'll need to set the ground work to define your version of success. But where do you start?

Vision setting is the process of defining success.

Working with our PLUS+ specialists we will help you  set your vision through a process that includes defining and agreeing on your organisation's mission, purpose and aspirations. 

Future-proof Strategic Planning

Have you imagined the unimaginable?

Following vision setting, future proof strategic planning is the next key element in the PLUS+ model. This involves an organisation's plans to deliver its vision over the long term, irrespective of what the future holds.

With PLUS+ we use the eight facets of business, a model set out below, to review the current state of the organisation, possible future scenarios, evaluation of these and finally create action plans. Exploring possible future challenges and their impact allows your organisation to plan the best route to success.


The seven steps for future-proofing:


Current State Analysis

  • ​Evaluate the current state of each facet


  • Identify and evaluate forces for change, develop future scenarios, in long, medium and short terms.

Scenario Learning

  • Develop a number of future environmental scenarios.

Multi-future State Envisioning

  • Envision what each facet should like in each of the future scenarios.


  • Evaluate each envisioned strategy against future scenarios.

Intermediate Optimisation

  • Create medium-term scenarios against the 8 facets of business. 

Action Plans

  • Identify short term actions for each of the 8 facets to incorporate into annual planning.

01466 eight facets-1
The 8 Facets of Business
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