Realising the Benefits

The final stage in the PLUS+ process, realising the benefits sees your organisation make decisions around who will lead which part of the next stage in your evolution.

Competency Modelling

Do your team's strengths match your vision?

Creating a structure and assigning accountabilities to functions is critical in creating successful pathways for an organisation. The next step involves understanding what competencies are needed to deliver what's required by the job. For each position we help you identify those competencies that are important to the job, these are then able to be measured using the associated tools.

Within the PLUS+ methodology  we advocate that an individual’s degree of competency can be measured at four levels: skills, knowledge, attitude & values and attributes. Our specialists will assist you in measuring these.

Job Design

How do you create jobs that will deliver success?

The final step in the process, job design involves a compromise between three interlinking variables: what needs to be done (the roles), what we can afford to do, and who we have available to do it. 

In the PLUS+ model we define jobs in terms of the purpose, and how the job helps your organisation achieve its mission and accountabilties.

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St John underwent transformation with Whole System Change techniques, implementing Organisation Modelling and Accountability Mapping. An early outcome was the vehicle fleet standardisation, resulting in costs savings, improved efficiencies and safety for staff.


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