Plus Model Remuneration Strategy to Improve Performance

Drive performance in your organisation with our PLUS+ model

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How big is your performance gap?

Over time every organisation evolves as it reacts to internal and external threats and opportunities. This can dilute the alignment and shared focus among leadership, creating a gap between what the organisation needs to achieve success and what it actually achieves.

PLUS+ is Strategic Pay's suite of tools designed to help our clients bridge their performance gap. Along with facilitation techniques including "Whole Systems Change" and "Open Space Technology", three core stages make up our PLUS+ process including:
Many organisations’ strategic planning fails for one of the following reasons:
  • They don’t stick to it
  • They see the future as linear
  • They see the future as singular
  • They fail to confront unpleasant futures
  • They engage expensive external parties to prepare their business strategy, resulting in a lack of ownership
  • They fail to connect the strategic plan to actions

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