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Remuneration Survey Report: 2020 Not for Profit Remuneration Report is now published!

Written by Lindie Beukes on June 16th, 2020.      0 comments

Written by Lindie Beukes on June 16th, 2020

The Market Information team is pleased to announce the publication of the 2020 Not for Profit Remuneration Report.

It outlines remuneration data from 12,582 incumbents from 159 different organisations with comprehensive remuneration information for over 120 benchmark roles.

Some insights found in the report include:

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 23% of NFP organisations are considering redundancies
  • 50% are holding off or still deciding on salary increases
  • 73% of organisations provide other leave to employees over and above the statutory entitlements
  • The most common additional leave provided is study leave, provided by 41% of organisations
  • 89% of organisations offer some form of work / life balance options to their staff
To find out more about the report, download an overview HERE, or order a report by contacting Market Information.