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Pay Equity Submission to Parliament

Written by Strategic Pay on February 25th, 2019.      0 comments

Written by Strategic Pay on February 25, 2019.

Gender Pay and Pay Equity continues to be a huge area of focus for us at Strategic Pay. We recently made a submission to parliament where we expressed support in principle for the Equal Pay Amendment Bill. We recognise that this is a complex issue and offered a number of recommendations to assist, with clarity on procedures, process and definitions to ensure the Act delivers on its main objectives.

Following the submission, Strategic Pay were proud to have Senior Consultants, Cathy Hendry, Michelle Gapes and Lyn Brieseman present at the pay equity submission for the Equal Pay Amendment Bill in parliament on Wednesday 20th February. Skip to 1:03:02 to hear what they had to say. Fantastic to showcase thought leadership in this space.

They have been supported throughout the process by the Strategic Pay Pay Equity Committee which includes Catherine Fitzsimons, Cathy Hendry  and Lyn Brieseman

Find out more on how we can help with pay equity issues here.  

Watch the video here.

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