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Case Study: Office of the Public Service Commissioner Cook Islands

Written by Strategic Pay on August 26th, 2020.      0 comments

Published August 2020 by Strategic Pay.

Strategic Pay were proud to work with the Office of the Public Service Commissioner Cook Islands to develop a band structure for all public servants by collecting, analysing and publishing market data in a robust but user-friendly format.

Download a copy of the case study HERE>

Case Study Office of the Public Service Commissioner Cook Islands-580

Office of the Public Service Commissioner Cook Islands-798


The client did not have a cohesive pay structure.


Strategic Pay has been delivering major remuneration projects across the Pacific for more than 20 years.  In addition, over that time, we have collected data and published remuneration surveys in a number of countries in the Pacific.

This has been an ongoing project, which has involved building internal capability through training in job evaluation and helping to create remuneration structures underpinned by the methodology. This also includes current work being done with the Cook Islands Investment Corporation which oversees all CEO’s of state -owned enterprises such as utilities, the bank, the airport and port.

In order to be able to assist organisations to clarify their internal relativities, and then benchmark themselves to their selected market (especially locally), they need to be able to have access to reliable market data. The ability of Strategic Pay to collect, analyse and publish market data in a robust but user-friendly format is crucial to being able to undertake this work.

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