Vicki Stoner

Technical Consultant, Wellington

Having worked in remuneration consulting since 2002, Vicki is an experienced reward consultant with an extensive background in human resource management gained across a variety of industries and sectors. During her career, Vicki has developed strengths in the design and delivery of remuneration strategy, policy, and practice as well as technical skills in HR & Workforce analytics to complement her reward consulting toolkit.

With a strong focus on client needs and able to see the big picture and note the details simultaneously, Vicki brings a rare mix of skills to client projects.

In her spare time, you'll find Vicki chatting with chickens, trying out a new recipe or practicing her stringed instruments. A fan of anything bright, shiny, novel or new, Vicki enjoys soaking up the world one day at a time.
Vicki Stoner-626-515

+ddi 04 896 9362
+mob 027 539 5798


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RemWise, HR analytics, Reward strategy, Remuneration policy and procedure, Remuneration system development, Job evaluation and benchmarking