Catherine Fitzsimons

Consultant, Dunedin

Catherine Fitzsimons has been with Strategic Pay for over 5 years specialising in remuneration consulting. She is an experienced HR consultant and has worked with clients across a broad range of large to small organisations in the private, not for profit and public sectors.

Prior to working with Strategic Pay, Catherine worked in Human Resources at Cadburys for 15 years across almost all HR positions up to and including HR Business Partner.

With Strategic Pay, she consults on projects over all staff levels, from CEO to executive and general staff. She is experienced in market benchmarking, pay structure design, equal pay audits, job analysis, job mapping and job evaluation. She has experience in supporting annual salary reviews for whole organisations.

Catherine has a BSc Hons from Canterbury University, is a member of the Pay Equity subgroup at Strategic Pay and the RemWise® support network for South Island clients.

Catherine has a passion for the South, art, getting outdoors and loves spending time with family. Her Covid-19 lockdown project was a whip smart 8-week old border collie, Rey, who was sourced off a sheep farm near Oamaru.  By 14 weeks old Rey was responding to 35 commands including putting her toys in the toy box and beginner skateboarding as well as classic heading dog outrun, stand and walk-on commands. Give Catherine a call to see how Rey is going or to talk about positive reinforcement canine training.  We could also have a chat about rem and reward. 

Catherine Fitzsimons

+ph  03 479 0637 
+mob 027 731 6928

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Job Evaluation, CEO and Senior Remuneration, General Staff Remuneration, Equal Pay and Pay Equity, Reward Strategy and Policy, Performance, HR Metrics and RemWise®.